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Birch Run Golf Course – Hole by Hole Golf Tips

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Hole 1

Length: Black: 418 yds Gold: 350 Red: 287

A straight forward par 4, with out of bounds on the right. Avoid the greenside bunker on the right with your approach shot, and par or birdie is a good possibility.


Hole 2

Length: Black: 203 yds Gold: 164 Red: 156

A testy par 3 early in the round, especially from the black tees. An errant shot to the right will likely find the out of bounds. Greenside bunkers and a large pine tree will penalize a shot to the left. A small, back to front sloping green awaits a well struck tee shot.


Hole 3

Length: Black: 572 yds Gold: 510 Red: 431

This long, challenging par 5 with out of bounds once again on the right. Only the longest hitters can challenge this green in two. A missed tee shot to the left will leave a tough lay up due to a cluster of large trees separating holes 3 and 4. A long, tight approach shot, (usually downwind) into a small, hard green, requires extreme accuracy, and precise distance control. Long shots into the green risk finding the water hazard.


Hole 4

Length: Black: 526 yds Gold: 479 Red: 309

A narrow tree-lined, par 5, of medium length. Probably the most birdied hole on the course. A tee shot “out of the chute”, is a must. Large trees line both sides of the fairway, but usually offer a reasonable set up shot. Bunkers guard the front right, and the left side of the green.


Hole 5

Length: Black: 338 yds Gold: 319 Red: 256

A slight dogleg left to a short downhill par 4. Hitting driver off the tee here is not a wise choice due to the ponds that guard each side of the fairway down the hill. Lay-up short of the hill and leave a manageable approach shot (which usually plays a little shorter than actual yardage) to a large soft green.


Hole 6

Length: Black: 147 yds Gold: 131 Red: 127

A good short par 3 with out of bounds left and long. Distance control here is the challenge. Pay close attention to the wind direction, as it usually is amplified and modified by the State Route 18 corridor running parallel with the hole.


Hole 7

Length: Black: 396 yds Gold: 368 Red: 314

A tough par 4 that will challenge golfers of all levels. This hole was ranked as one of the toughest holes in Northwest Ohio. A 180 yard tee shot placed on the right side of the fairway short of the creek will leave you an uphill approach of 200 yards to a green surrounded by trees. Bogey is a respectable score here.


Hole 8

Length: Black: 175 yds Gold: 150 Red: 100

This new par 3 opened to rave reviews in 2010. As you stand on the tee with your club in your hand you will question whether it is the right choice. Framed by mounding and trees the wind will most likely always be in your face.


Hole 9

Length: Black: 407 yds Gold: 380 Red: 336

A long, beautiful par 4 that is quickly becoming the signature hole at Birch Run. A lengthy tee shot is required, to set up an easier approach to a soft green framed by birch trees, new landscaping, and two small pot bunkers. A “fat” approach will certainly find the creek crossing in front. While a “thin” approach will likely end up O.B. on State Route 18.


Hole 10

Length: Black: 123 yds Gold: 115 Red: 68

A short uphill par 3. Completely renovated in the fall of 2014 the green is now 3 times as big.  The mound left of the green has been removed and an approach area has been added.  Still dangerous to land right of this green.


Hole 11

Length:Black: 320 yds Gold: 279 Red: 273

One of the hardest short par 4’s on the course. For a short hole, you will be challenged on every shot. The tee shot requires a slight fade with a mid iron, into a landing area bracketed by trees on both sides. Then you will be faced with a short iron into a green surrounded on all sides by water. Once on the green, sloping putts await from all angles.


Hole 12

Length:Black: 340 yds Gold: 320 Red: 276

A short, dogleg left par 4. A good chance for birdie with a drive placed between the young pine trees lining both sides of the fairway. An approach or chip to this long undulated green needs to be on the correct side of the “humps” for an easy putt.


Hole 13

Length:Black: 130 yds Gold: 122 Red: 106

Another short par 3 with a challenging green. This green slopes severely from back to front, and it is a must to keep your ball below the hole.


Hole 14

Length:Black: 384 yds Gold: 364 Red: 330

This newly lengthened par 4 requires a straight, or faded tee shot, to leave an approach shot as short as possible into the first of two “domed” greens on the back nine. Distance control into the green is imperative to leave yourself a birdie putt, as a creek awaits behind the green for long shots, while shots landing on the front part of the green will trickle back down to the fairway.


Hole 15

Length:Black: 550 yds Gold: 540 Red: 403

This long, severe dogleg left is the only par 5 on the back nine. Tee off out of the “chute”, avoiding the water hazard running down the left side of the fairway. Keep your lay-up shot to the right as well, in order to create a favorable angle into this long, sloping green. Any approach shot towards the left portion of this green will likely roll down and off the green, or end up in the water hazard guarding the front left.


Hole 16

Length:Black: 315 yds Gold: 283 Red: 231

This short par 4 is another birdie opportunity, if you can avoid the out of bounds on the left side with your tee shot. Long ball hitters occasionally get that rare eagle chance with a precise drive. Getting the ball close to the pin can be a chore on this usually firm, dome designed green.


Hole 17

Length:Black: 393 yds Gold: 375 Red: 290

This par 4, the number one handicap hole on the back nine, starts off with a fairly easy tee shot, if you can avoid the out of bounds on the left side of the fairway. Then the fun begins, with arguably, the toughest approach shot on the course. Even with a short iron, this small, curving, narrow green is a test for all golfers to stick. With little room for error, most short or right shots will end up in the creek, and all left and long shots will leave you with a near impossible up and down. Don’t be disappointed with a bogey on this hole.


Hole 18

Length:Black: 268 yds Gold: 258 Red: 248

This short par 4 finishing hole will make you decide: Lay-up? Or go for the green? If you decide to go for it, avoid the out of bounds left, and the large pond on the right. The smart play is to lay-up near the 100 yard marker, and hit a short iron into the most severely sloped green on the course.